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Adj.1.ninety-three - being three more than ninetyninety-three - being three more than ninety  
cardinal - being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order; "cardinal numbers"
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Their stock consisted of one thousand two hundred and sixty-nine oxen, one thousand five hundred and fifty-seven cows, five thousand and seven young cattle, four hundred and ninety-three horses, eight thousand six hundred and ninety sheep, and four thousand one hundred and ninety-seven hogs.
They have observed ninety-three different comets, and settled their periods with great exactness.
Though the thermometer at mid-day ranged from eighty to ninety, and even sometimes rose to ninety-three degrees, yet occasional spots of snow were to be seen on the tops of the low mountains, among which the travellers were journeying; proofs of the great elevation of the whole region.
But, comparatively speaking, an enormous quantity still remained, including ninety-three large stones ranging from over two hundred to seventy carats in weight.
Touching it (and finding it to be far softer than any chamois leather that my fingers had ever felt before), I disarranged the folds, and disclosed a ticket pinned among them, describing the thing in these horrid lines: "Skin of a French Marquis, tanned in the Revolution of Ninety-three. Who says the nobility are not good for something?
Carlos, which is no less than ninety-three miles from the Corcovado.
One hundred and ninety-three thermal printers have been provided to the traffic department of the city.
FATA Secretariat officials told, that the government has initiated work on ninety-three projects in education sector in all tribal agencies, out of which thirty-four have been completed.
A spokesman of Election Commission of Pakistan told Radio Pakistan that more than ninety-three thousand new voters had been registered for the two National Assembly constituencies NA-43 and NA-44 in Bajaur Agency.
Summary: "Memories on Stones", directed and partly written by Shawkat Amin Korki, is a ninety-three minute historical drama released in July, 2014 in the Czech Republic.
Ninety-three percent of retired Americans say they are at least somewhat confident they can pay for their future health care costs, yet 46% of Baby Boomers nearing retirement, with the same amount of assets, say they are "terrified" of health care costs.