nip in

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w>nip in

vi (Brit inf) → hereinsausen (inf); (= call in)auf einen Sprung vorbeikommen; I’ve just nipped in for a chatich bin nur auf ein Schwätzchen vorbeigekommen (inf); he just nipped into the pub for a drinker ging auf einen Sprung or nur mal kurz in die Kneipe (inf); to nip in and out of the trafficsich durch den Verkehr schlängeln
References in classic literature ?
Too good to last," Anne told herself with a little sigh, on the September day when a certain nip in the wind and a certain shade of intense blue on the gulf water said that autumn was hard by.
A thermal model will allow to calculate the temperature variations along the nip in the thickness of the different materials in contact (chill roll, polymer film, steel sheet, press roll).
For his third mistake Russell hesitated in advancing to a long Padraig Shanley ball leaving Smullen to nip in and flick the ball to the net.
There has been a general upward trend in this type of incident which we are keen to nip in the bud.
In a more recent rebuild, the old four-nip press was refitted with a new SymBelt shoe press nip in the 3rd press, the 4th press was replaced with dryers, and the small bottom rolls in the dryer section were replaced with larger ones.