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Not only is this about as economical as the diesel model, and boasts low emissions, but it is the nippiest RAV on sale.
While not exactly in the hot hatch bracket, a 0-62mph time of around 10 seconds places the Mazda among the nippiest of small SUVs.
It's pedal-to-the-metal time as Tiff and Vicki put four of the nippiest hatchbacks on the market to the test in the series opener.
First up, four of the nippiest hatchbacks on the market are put to the test before Smith examines a couple of city cars in Italy and Plato gets behind the wheel of the pounds 170,000 Ferrari 458 Italia.
First up, Tiff and Vicki put four of the nippiest hatchbacks on the market to the test; Jonny examines a couple of city cars; in Italy, Jason gets behind the wheel of the Ferrari 458 Italia, and Tiff chats to 2008 F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton about the British supercar threatening to take Ferrari's crown - the groundbreaking McLaren MP4-12C.
Technical revisions, additional aerodynamic features and improved handling and downforce make this the nippiest car in the Lexus garage.
The '3' is one of the nippiest small cars in the Bahrain market (I have driven a few by now) and handles the twists and turns extremely well.
Levine isn't a bad performer - he won his latest clash with Young in Illinois last November in two tie-break sets, after all - but over the best of five sets on some of the nippiest grass around the wheat tends to be sorted from the chaff and a decent display is expected from Young today.
It's true, the Panda is not the nippiest in its field with the top speed of 90mph only being possible with a Katrina-style hurricane blowing behind it and the stereo crackled without much pop, but, for its money this car is excellent value.
Nippiest of all, Jim found a common nettle in good flower, standing 8ft 10 inches high!
There was a fine, gutsy performance from Wrexham's Steve Evans at the back, although you question whether he could handle Europe's nippiest strikers.