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adj. Law
Taking effect at a specified date only if no cause is shown for modification during the interim: a decree nisi.

[Latin, unless; see ne in Indo-European roots.]


(Law) (postpositive) law (of a court order) coming into effect on a specified date unless cause is shown within a certain period why it should not: a decree nisi.
[C19: from Latin: unless, if not]


(ˈnaɪ saɪ, ˈni si)

Law. scheduled to become final on a particular date: a decree nisi.
[< Latin: if not, unless (conjunction)]
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Adj.1.nisi - not final or absolute; "the decree is nisi and not absolute"
inconclusive - not conclusive; not putting an end to doubt or question; "an inconclusive reply"; "inconclusive evidence"; "the inconclusive committee vote"
References in classic literature ?
Omnium consensu capax imperii, nisi imperasset, saith Tacitus of Galba; but of Vespasian he saith, Solus imperantium, Vespasianus mutatus in melius; though the one was meant of sufficiency, the other of manners, and affection.
Quocunque adspicio, nihil est nisi pontus et aether;
Defuncti injuria ne afficiantur was a law of the twelve tables, and De mortuis nil nisi bonum is an excellent injunction -- even if the dead in question be nothing but dead small beer.
A wife or husband can apply for a decree absolute six weeks after a decree nisi is granted.
Once a decree nisi has been granted, a divorce petitioner has to wait six weeks and a day to apply for a decree "absolute".
NiSi Filters offersa complete square filter system for landscape photographers.
A spokesman for the singer said: "Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini have today obtained a decree nisi in their divorce proceedings.
After years of enjoying my Hinckley, upon delivery, we saw our new NISI and fell in love," said Benson.
PAUL Kokoski clearly doesn't believe in the maxim de mortuis nil nisi bonum.
It registered the iconic shield and the motto Nil Satis Nisi Optimum as a trademark with Continental authorities.
CHANTELLE Smith and Martin Stuart Clark became Mr and Mrs at Nisi Beach Hotel, Cyprus.