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1. Overly concerned with insignificant details: a nitpicky supervisor.
2. Characterized by petty fault-finding: nitpicky complaints.
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D&D used to be a nitpicky, number-crunchy affair.
After all, if there are no overriding issues, such as domestic violence, mental health, substance or alcohol abuse, and no geographical impediments, an equal-placement order avoids the need to make nitpicky choice among a variety of similar options.
"I always ask them: 'Did you see anything?' I ask the younger ones more because when you are fresh out of school, you are a little bit more nitpicky."
Although these may seem like overly technical or nitpicky points, you can probably also recall reading documents in which emphasis was overused or words seemed to be capitalized without rhyme or reason.
There is an important adage, "If it wasn't documented, it didn't happen." The journal will help keep you sane and be a powerful testimony to the nitpicky bunch who will invalidate your good work as a family caregiver (there are many).
And be nitpicky, right down to making sure label verbiage meets grammar and spelling tests.
I know this is being highly nitpicky, but it would complete the ease of transition from one platform to another.
To his credit, Salam does admit that there is no private political violence in American today that is comparable to the chaos before the Civil War, but that "it is hard to shake the feeling that our luck might soon run out." Civil war is a deadly serious topic and perhaps this reviewer is being too nitpicky, but I require more than Salam's difficultly in "shaking a feeling" to take his worry seriously.
Our narrator's point is, of course, well taken, and scores of women have had to wrestle with this persistent, destructive fabrication, the essentializing idea that they are somehow more ambitious when it comes to domestic cleanliness, or caretaking; that they're naturally more organized, more meticulous, more nitpicky over such details.
But I'm being nitpicky. All things considered, it's a nice example of a working-class gun.
This precision may seem nitpicky; however, the research on traumatic stress is clear.