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1. Overly concerned with insignificant details: a nitpicky supervisor.
2. Characterized by petty fault-finding: nitpicky complaints.
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I was prepared to be nitpicky because writers have a terrible habit of mixing facts with opinion when it comes to my biplane baby, so I had my electronic red pencil out ready to fire away some corrections.
Try to find a weakness on the team and you'll have to get real nitpicky in order to settle on one.
Those are the nitpicky things that come into play once you've figured out the basics of audience behavior, timing and subject lines.
However, weight and a few other nitpicky criticisms aside, you're not going to beat this rifle's performance--at this price level or pretty much any other.
When it comes to preparing and shooting a hunting bow and arrow, there is no such thing as too nitpicky or too perfectionistic.
OK, we knew from nitpicky online reviews that the hotel corridors were a bit tired, but our interconnecting family rooms were smart and comfortable, the entertainment and staff were fantastic and the buffet dining had easily enough variety to keep everyone happy for a week.
If you really want to get nitpicky, plan out the make-up look you'll want for each day when you plan your outfits and set those things aside.
To get really nitpicky, you might be sitting on a love seat, a chaise lounge, a sofabed, or a divan.
The movie satisfies even the most nitpicky of film critics through a well-written script, realistic characters, and a spot-on portrayal of the bittersweetness of unrequited love at an age where everything-experience, belief, feeling, creativity-seems heightened, though fleeting.
If you want to be nitpicky, you could point out that while we've created lots of jobs, many of them have been lower-quality jobs.
Also, while I don't want to appear too nitpicky, I'm afraid that punning title doesn't really work.