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 (nī′trāt′, -trĭt)
1. The univalent anionic group NO3, derived from nitric acid, or a compound containing this group.
2. Fertilizer consisting of sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, or ammonium nitrate.
tr.v. ni·trat·ed, ni·trat·ing, ni·trates
To treat with nitric acid or a nitrate, usually to change (an organic compound) into a nitrate.

ni·tra′tion n.
ni′tra′tor n.


a vessel in which nitration occursa tool for dispersing nitrate fertilizer on soil
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only a nitrator [which] took only a few hours of unskilled labour to make.
The man in charge of the nitrator was an ex-locomotive fireman.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Lead Nitrator - He 5075/2 Etc.