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Containing nitrogen.


(Chemistry) containing nitrogen or a nitrogen compound: a nitrogenous fertilizer.


(naɪˈtrɒdʒ ə nəs)

containing nitrogen.
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Adj.1.nitrogenous - of or relating to or containing nitrogen


[naɪˈtrɒdʒɪnəs] ADJnitrogenado
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He said that farmers should apply recommended Nitrogenous fertilizers on time on the early and
ANL operates mostly in yarn, denim and denim products while AGL manufactures and markets nitrogenous and phosphate fertilisers.
The nitrogenous fertiliser industry in Egypt is the second biggest consumer of natural gas next to the power sector, with methane being its feedstock for production of ammonia and urea.
In case of sandy soil, Nitrogenous fertilizers be applied after the first water application when the soil is wet.
Farmers should apply one-fourth part of Nitrogenous fertiliaers when needed.
KIMA is affiliated to the Chemical Industries Holding Company, producing nitrogenous fertilizers and chemicals, including hydrogen and ammonia.
Manalo said pests and plant diseases often ravaged farms in the Samar provinces because of high humidity, use of nitrogenous fertilizers and indiscriminate use of pesticides that kill even natural predators of the pests.
B [ nitrogenous compound ] U [right arrow] B _ _ _ _ U 3.
The 36 contributions survey research findings on the determination of nitrates, sulfites, parabens, phosphoric acid, lactates, ascorbic acid, vitamin E, aspartame, riboflavin, monosodium glutamate, lipid oxidation, volatile nitrogenous compounds, and acid content.
Major sources include the septic tanks, use of nitrogenous fertilizers for crop production and turf grass management.
Hence nitrogenous fertilizers are used as a substitute and aid in enhancing plant growth rates, and color and texture of crops.
All of the information stored is expressed using four nitrogenous bases: A, T, G and C.