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Relating to, growing in or under, or living on snow cover: nival fauna.

[Latin nivālis, from nix, niv-, snow; see sneigwh- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Botany) of or growing in or under snow
[C17: from Latin nivālis, from nix snow]
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Es mas, modelamientos de la cobertura vegetal bajo escenarios de cambio climatico revelan que podrian incrementarse en un futuro debido al aumento de la temperatura atmosferica y la reduccion de cobertura nival (Gil Ramon et al., 2013).
Para analizar la distribucion temporal de los HAA y su dependencia con la precipitacion pluvial y nival fueron usados los productos del satelite Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer--MODIS: MOD13Q1, MOD10A2 y del satelite Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission- TRMM: TMPA 3B43.
-periglacial landforms, wich includes gelifraction landforms (escarpments, cascades, residual slopes, residual ridges, debris slopes), crionival landforms (crionival funnels and channels), nivation landforms (nival niches, often occupied by lakes) and solifluidal landforms (mounds and terraces, sliding rocks), especially developed in Barlea massif area;
Recent investments include: Starwind Software; Cinarra funded along with Cisco; If You Can funded along with Greylock Partners; Nival; GridGain; and Sensity, funded along with Radar Partners and Mohr Davidow Ventures.
The nival landscape is reshaped into mounds of rocky substrates of different sizes, dissected by dozens of small streams and ponds.
The glaciated high-mountain zone displays an integration of deep weathering of rocks with major glacial and nival processes (Fig.
Gutierrez "Modelo para evaluar la vulnerabilidad de las coberturas vegetales de Colombia ante un posible cambio climatico utilizando SIG con enfasis en las coberturas nival y de paramo", Bogota, pp.122-131,2002.
(NYSE: LVLT) said its content delivery network has been selected by Russian game developer Nival to improve the experience of its role-playing and strategy games as the company expands globally.