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Resembling snow; snowy.

[From Latin niveus, from nix, niv-, snow; see sneigwh- in Indo-European roots.]


resembling snow, esp in colour
[C17: from Latin niveus, from nix snow]
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the Niveous LED pendant from WAC Lighting optimizes light distribution by deploying multiple LEDs to achieve an evenly lit globe.
Her wit and nutty sophistication in Bourree Fantasque, dancing that crazy first duet with Robbins; her high-grace elegance in Caracole; the fierceness of her Chief Bacchante (a variation on Choleric) in Orpheus; the extraordinary niveous eloquence of her Odette in Balanchine's Swan Lake; the odd poignancy of her "rescue from drowning" duet with Nicholas Magallanes in Jones Beach; the zip of her classicism in a matinee performance of the Glinka Pas de Trois; and the spare musical precision of her Symphonie Concertante.