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Thus, that area became 'no-go area' and dacoits wielded more power.
QMY young son has developed hay fever so the garden has become a no-go area. Have you any planting suggestions?
It is a no-go area these days and it has been for years.
A Highland town has been described as a no-go area at night after teenagers drove at a group of tourists - before throwing potatoes at them.
The police was conducted search operation in the mines areas which was called (no-go area) the safe heaven of drug mafia, the operation was led by two DSPs, three SHOs, elite force and a heavy contingent of police were participated in the operation against the criminals.
Just hours before the necklace robbery, he added: 'My definition of a no-go area is somewhere that is so unsafe literally nobody goes there with the exception of the criminals who control it.
After the news of the attack broke, people repeated claims that have been made previously that the town centre is becoming a no-go area at night.
She is the first woman to run on a general seat from the region where women find it hard to raise voice for their rights and stepping in the electoral arena is virtually no-go area for them.
And he said the problem of homelessness and its associated drug crisis could turn Glasgow city centre into a no-go area.
He visited the site of the rally today and also said that there is no no-go area for PPP in Karachi.
Quetta -- The four-kilometer zone adjacent to Chaman border has been declared no-go area by the Pakistan Army as tension continues on the third day on Sunday after Afghan forces opened unprovoked firing on Frontier Corps (FC) personnel appointed for security of population census team early Friday.
The notice adds that the club could have made the local area become "a no-go area" for people within the local community - including "women generally".