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'With a security force of 50,000, we would be able to complete the seismic and exploration surveys (of all no-go areas) in 7-8 years,' Mr Hayauddin said, adding that with the existing force of 200-250 security personnel it would take 780 years to do the same job.
"I hope that Glasgow can solve this matter, otherwise flagship parts of our city may become no-go areas."
He said there were 70 no-go areas in the city in 2017 and now there was not even a single one.
In one section, under the title "Forced resettlement poses a threat to our culture and traditions", the leaflet includes a map of Europe detailing -- in red -- what it said were no-go areas where the authorities could not keep control.
Karachi, a metropolis of 20 million that hosts the stock exchange and central bank, is beset by armed violence, and many of its sprawling slums are no-go areas for outsiders.
The SSP claimed that all no-go areas across the district have been eliminated , while the search operations against criminal elements will continue till cleansing the area from criminals.
The IG FC also said security forces have conducted successful intelligence based operations and have been successful in eliminating all 'no-go areas'.
"I do not believe that a man who stirs up religious and racial hatred at a time when our country is under threat of terrorist attack should be allowed within 1,000 miles of our shores" - Labour home affairs spokesman Jack Dromey on Mr Trump's claim that parts of Britain are no-go areas because of Islamic extremism.
He adds that companies need to find a balance and do more due diligence early on in any negotiation to spot the points of light in countries that may otherwise appear as "no-go areas."
Dr Carl Clowes of anti-Wylfa group P AP WB was part of the international AWB was part of the international A Green Cross delegation which also visited the "no-go areas" which still exist in the area around the nuclear plant.
Would certain places, restaurants or bars just be no-go areas? Seems a bit lop-sided to me.
Earlier, the Sindh police and rangers submitted their separate reports to the court regarding the no-go areas in the city.