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Among the topics slated to be discussed at the meeting are how companies grow profits and revenue in a slow-growth or no-growth environment, how manufacturers can maintain margins with the increasing commoditization brought on by discount retailers, and how manufacturers and retailers can work together to increase customer loyalty.
This is the formula for a no-growth dividend discount model.
For multinationals bogged down in slow- or no-growth domestic markets, China is a tempting target.
Everyone in the residential construction industry knows that there are numerous and varied barriers to keeping housing affordable, including exactions, permit processing delays, and no-growth attitudes from many communities and their legislators.
A no-growth business and a static career often have one thing in common: ineffective networking.
At a time when German consumer spending is moving from a no-growth to a slow-growth sales pattern, products with an environmentally friendly image are among the few to experience dynamic upward sales momentum.
Japanese internal consumption has languished in a no-growth pattern for the past five years, but firming Chinese demand for Japanese goods should help Japan to break out of that pattern during the second half of 2004.
After an almost no-growth year, economic output should pick up in 2004.
It says without federal aid, railroads cannot expand their capacity to keep pace with increased freight shipments and would lose market share to trucks in a no-growth scenario.
Real household income has not increased in recent years and the result has been a no-growth pattern in internal demand for goods and services.
Expenditure on household services was stuck in a no-growth pattern in recent months, paralleling the pattern in real household income.
Fricker helped push through a no-growth referendum in 2002 that limits commercial buildings in Cocoa Beach to four stories.