packaged and sold without a brand name or with a brand name that is not nationally recognized.
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Only wise-woman Kelya knows who No-Name really is--the firstborn daughter of the high priestess, cast out as an infant for imperfections.
The no-name Pirates sported a 10-3 won lost record against UP's 11-2 and their big names like Bright Akhuetie, University Athletic Association of the Philippiners veterans JD Tungcab and Pio Longa plus highly-touted recruit Filipino-American David Murrell.
ESPN reporter Darren Rovell, on the other hand, remembers Bagwell because he attended his bar mitvah on Long Island when Bagwell was a no-name rookie for the Houston Astros in 1991.
The country may have made the no-name immigrant into a cosmetics billionaire and given him a designer Bel-Air mansion that even Martha Stewart covets, but when the markets crashed, so did his empire.
Of the seventeen athletes who tested positive for banned substances in that period, most were no-name runners racing in far-flung places in events that had only recently instituted testing procedures.
GI magazines could sometimes be found at gun shows, and there were various no-name mags to be found here and there.
And now I come to some no-name Podunk, California town.
I'm a no-name in politics so I'm heartened by my strong showing in the surveys.
We keep a watchful eye on competitor's prices and buy brand name and quality no-name products.
Two By Two features a no-name cast and visuals best described as adequate.
Two By Two features a no-name cast and visuals that, even if you were feeling charitable, could be only described as adequate.
And while the perishables remain a pilot test, Loblaw has rolled out some 800 President's Choice and no-name grocery SKUs across the SDM network.