packaged and sold without a brand name or with a brand name that is not nationally recognized.
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That said, I'm still horrified by the "no-name" spirits they sell on board.
The point guard from Murray State used to be a more or less no-name prospect, but his explosiveness on the court just demanded attention.
Add 100 to 150 feet of 150-pound mono with a Bristol or no-name knot.
If someone comes from the local no-name university we give them an entry-level position.
"She instantly makes you believe in her Ally as a no-name talent despite already being one of the most successful singers on the planet.
"It's a lot of no-name guys, but when you've got seven back it's pretty exciting," coach Chad Hetlet said.
The second thing you've probably noticed as a current or future candidate is the persistence of no-name winners.
When I called the number on their website, I was told by the guy I spoke to that he couldn't give me the name of the person I needed to speak to because they had a "no-name" policy and, in fact, he couldn't even give me the name of the department I needed to get through to, presumably because they had a "no department name" policy as well.
Ask any person who grew up in the Eastern bloc about "the Soviet Mickey Mouse" and they will likely break out in song in Cheburashka's cloyingly naA[macron]ve voice: "I was once a strange no-name toy, whom no one wanted in the store and now I'm Cheburashka" The series, an adaptation of writer Edouard Uspenskii's children's tales, enjoyed the still novel experience of national television syndication coinciding with the opening of children's television in the 1960s.
Saved from death more than once as a child, mute Aissa is being raised with other orphans and servant children at the Hall of the High Priestess where she is called No-Name. Only wise-woman Kelya knows who No-Name really is--the firstborn daughter of the high priestess, cast out as an infant for imperfections.
In the past, Costabile worked as host and on-air talent for WPBN-TV and as an on-air host and producer of "The No-Name Show" on 88.7 FM Radio.
The no-name Pirates sported a 10-3 won lost record against UP's 11-2 and their big names like Bright Akhuetie, University Athletic Association of the Philippiners veterans JD Tungcab and Pio Longa plus highly-touted recruit Filipino-American David Murrell.