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packaged and sold without a brand name or with a brand name that is not nationally recognized.
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It was tiny Osmanlyspor -- a team with a bunch of no-names operating on a shoestring budget and coached by former Trabzon man Mustafa ReE-it Akcay -- that humiliated Galatasaray 2-1 in ystanbul in week two, sending shockwaves through the Turkish topflight.
We had a lot of no-names and look at what we lost -- our starting goalie for six weeks, our leading scorer early.
With the help of Howard Blitman and his construction company, who gave the two no-names much-needed credibility among investors, Lewis and Eisenberg built the 317-unit townhouse and condo complex, Montville Chase.
gOlF THE Perth International at Lake Karrinyup has such a lop-sided look with half a dozen stars at the top of the market and a bunch of European Tour card-seeking stragglers and Aussie no-names making up the numbers that the knee-jerk advice to spread punters is to sell the finishing positions of most of the top eight on the list, writes Jeremy Chapman.
A fresh no-names order was imposed in February when he launched his latest, unsuccessful High Court appeal to be transferred to an open prison to increase his chances of parole.
A fresh no-names order was imposed in February this year when the so-called "Monster of Worcester" launched his latest unsuccessful High Court bid to be transferred to an open prison to increase his chances of parole.
A team full of scrubs, no-names, has-beens, just-oft-the-bus Triple A hopefuls and fatigued-looking, seen-it-all veterans with creaking knees and fading bat speed, has no obligation whatsoever to concede hope to a sleekly outfitted club of all-stars and aces.
Of the 165 Dail members contacted as part of a survey, 91 responded on a strict no-names basis.
Gone are the days of Belushi, Murphy, Carvey and Ferrell, replaced by a cast of no-names who are unable to wade into the comedic depths of those superstars.
In two years the Old Firm will join no-names from backwaters such as Andorra and San Marino to play qualifiers .
The third trial session featured 28 no-names, people the court said had been plucked off the streets for rioting.
Using Bloomberg E-Bond, eligible dealers can post firm quotes on a no-names basis to other participants they have selected or through an IDB.