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no one

no person; nobody
Usage: No-one and nobody are interchangeable, as are everyone and everybody, and someone and somebody.


(nəu) adjective
1. not any. We have no food; No other person could have done it.
2. not allowed. No smoking.
3. not a. He is no friend of mine; This will be no easy task.
not (any). He is no better at golf than swimming; He went as far as the shop and no further.
a word used for denying, disagreeing, refusing etc. `Do you like travelling?' `No, (I don't).'; No, I don't agree; `Will you help me?' `No, I won't.'
noun plural
noes .
1. a refusal. She answered with a definite no.
2. a vote against something. The noes have won.
ˈnobody pronoun
no person; no-one. Nobody likes him.
a very unimportant person. She's just a nobody.
ˈno-one pronoun
no person; nobody. She will see no-one; No-one is to blame.
there's no saying/knowing etc
it is impossible to say, know etc. There's no denying it; There's no knowing what she will say.
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They won (against Huddersfield) and as long as they win no-one else has a chance.
Our troops are ill provided for - for example, a man I knew who served in Iraq said they had to beg supplies from the Americans, but no-one is ever held responsible.
It looks like no-one will be made to take responsibility and the people at the Beeb who could have stopped Savile will escape without censure.
Let no-one think that the grief and anger felt there is one whit less than we feel in Europe now.
9% of households where no-one had a job in Caerphilly in 2013.
We fielded a few players who haven't played a lot this season and to be fair no-one let the team down.
Acting Neighbourhood Inspector Craig Briggs, who covers the area, said: "Luckily, the property was empty at the time and no-one was injured, otherwise the consequences could have been much worse.
The government must come up with a solution that ensures no-one is bumped off prematurely, but equally to guarantee that no-one suffers unnecessarily.
Ambulance crews who rushed to the scene said it was remarkable that no-one was injured in the crash on Warwick Road, Solihull, at 2.
No-one will let me do horror, but I think I'd be the best monster because no-one would suspect me," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.
No-one was injured, but a woman of 31, a man aged 38, and two children - a boy aged two and a four-year-old girl - were in the property.