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tr.v. nob·bled, nob·bling, nob·bles Chiefly British
1. To disable (a racehorse), especially by drugging.
2. To win (a person) over.
3. To outdo or get the better of by devious means.
4. To filch or steal.
5. To kidnap.

[Origin unknown.]

nob′bler n.
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I was sitting on deck with some of the fellows who were going into the American ambulance service with me, my Airedale, Crown Prince Nobbler, asleep at my feet, when the first blast of the whistle shattered the peace and security of the ship.
Nobbler came and lay down on the thwart beside me, his back against my leg, and I sat staring in dumb misery at the girl, knowing in my heart of hearts that she might die before morning came, for what with the shock and exposure, she had already gone through enough to kill almost any woman.
Also doing well was Bob Noble (Crieff) with a brace weighing 6lbs 4oz taken on a Dog Nobbler; J Alexander (Bridge of Allan) had two for 6lbs on a Cat; Jack Gibb (Clackmannan) three for 8lbs on an Egg Fly; Andrew Johnston (Dollar) two for 7lbs 12oz on a Black and Red.
Alan Bramfitt from Esh Winning landed one of 15lb, as did K Henderson, from Hartlepool, on a White Dog Nobbler.
Quirky items: The scalp massaging Orgasmatron (pounds 15.99), Bali Hedgehog foot massager and the Back Nobbler (pounds 29.99) - actress Winona Ryder (above) was recently photographed coming out of a yoga class with one.
KIELDER: Dawson's Olive, Montana, Dog Nobbler, Pheasant Tail, Black and Peacock.
At Packington Fishery, John Smith (Birmingham) fished from the bank of the Broadwater Lake and took a 10lb 6oz rainbow using a Nobbler pattern.
Hot Horse Harry was locked deep in conversation with Freddie The Ferret, Nobbler Nolan and Barlinnie Bob.
Rod averages were a consistent five-fish per visit, with Nick Humphries from Yorkshire taking the best fish of the week at 12lb on a Black Dog Nobbler. Nick Halstead caught 17 trout to 4lb, while Richard Edwards from Harrogate had 12 fish to 9lb 4oz.
Cocks Close produced a superb 8lb 14oz rainbow last week to bank angler John Dews from Knowle, who tempted the take on a Dog Nobbler.
This week at Draycote Water another Coventry angler Bob Dymond had an evening ticket, fished from Lin Croft point with an orange Dog Nobbler lure to take a superb 11lb 5oz rainbow.
The biggest fish from the Rugby reservoir so far this year, it accepted an orange Dog Nobbler lure.