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adj. nob·bi·er, nob·bi·est
Fashionable; stylish.

[From nob.]


Elegant or stylish.
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As it extended, I brought out a line of goods suitable for kings, and a nobby thing for duchesses and that sort, with ruffles down the fore- hatch and the running-gear clewed up with a feather- stitch to leeward and then hauled aft with a back-stay and triced up with a half-turn in the standing rigging forward of the weather-gaskets.
He wore a low-crowned, narrow-brimmed straw hat, with a broad blue ribbon around it which had a white anchor embroidered on it in front; nobby short-tailed coat, pantaloons, vest, all trim and neat and up with the fashion; red-striped stockings, very low-quarter patent-leather shoes, tied with black ribbon; blue ribbon around his neck, wide-open collar; tiny diamond studs; wrinkleless kids; projecting cuffs, fastened with large oxidized silver sleeve-buttons, bearing the device of a dog's face--English pug.
It was said that his being town-agent to Lord Decimus Tite Barnacle was referable, not to his having the least business capacity, but to his looking so supremely benignant that nobody could suppose the property screwed or jobbed under such a man; also, that for similar reasons he now got more money out of his own wretched lettings, unquestioned, than anybody with a less nobby and less shining crown could possibly have done.
Then the old dame stood the figure up in a corner of her cottage and chuckled to behold its yellow semblance of a visage, with its nobby little nose thrust into the air.
ENGLAND World Cup legend Nobby Stiles is in the final stages of his battle with Alzheimer's.
Nobby was loved by a generation IT'S good news that World Cup hero Nobby Stiles is still alive and kicking but sad to hear that Nobby was too ill to attend the celebration dinner on the 50th anniversary of England's World Cup victory in 1966 (Talkback, August 2).
MI6's top assassin Sebastian (Mark Strong) has a brother Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen), a slightly dimwitted English football hooligan.
Known for his movie premiere stunts, actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen walked the red carpet for his latest film "The Brothers Grimsby" in Los Angeles Thursday, arriving as new fictional alter-ego Nobby, who declared his support for U.
Borat's Sacha Baron Cohen plays super chav turned secret agent Nobby Grimsby.
But for Oscar-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Sacha Baron Cohen, it was simply a chance to debut his latest alter ego - Nobby, a beer-bellied, terminally unemployed football fan - at the premiere of his latest film Grimsby, in London's Leicester Square.
When not engaged in football hooliganism, getting falling-down drunk or sticking fireworks up his behind, Nobby is gleefully cheating the benefits system by claiming to have leukaemia.
WBut for Oscar-nominee and Golden Globewinner Sacha Baron Cohen, it was simply a chance to debut his latest alter ego - beer-bellied, terminally unemployed football fan Nobby - at the premiere of his latest film Grimsby in London's Leicester Square.