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 (nō-bĭl′ē-ĕr′ē, -bĭl′yə-rē)
Of or relating to the nobility.

[French nobiliaire, from Latin nōbilis, noble; see noble.]


of or relating to the nobility
[C18: from French nobiliaire; see noble, -ary]
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Misspellings, omissions and commissions in punctuation and capitalization, missing diacritical marks and nobiliary particles, redundant vocabulary, and less-than-clear sentences mar this book.
Although heraldic remains a convenient general term for nobiliary emblems, the emblems are more precisely represented by terms derived from the word arms.
He thus proposes to legislatively add the traditional nobiliary particles of "tegin" for men and "kyzy" for women to the surnames of the citizens.
The Enlightenment was nobiliary, and many of the Enlightenment intellectuals came from the aristocracy.
For Brekhunenko, much of Cossack tradition, including its democratic forms of government, originated in the nobiliary traditions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and was later enriched by the so-called "borderland virus" modes of "free life on the border" (187).
The city of Cluj, the most important nobiliary city in the country, became the stronghold of Calvinism.
In general terms, in the old countries of Europe, we maintain the nobiliary requirement to an extent.
What he fails to observe is that some eight million other Prussians, with no nobiliary particle before their surnames, had their homes destroyed and their families uprooted in the Untergang of 1944-45, when at least one million perished in the process; to Steinberg, cracking a few German eggs seems to be the acceptable price of the Junkerrein omelet.
custody institutions and orphaning tribunals; the first dealt with the administration of noble minors' fortune, and the tribunals with the administration of the fortune of minors without nobiliary title - craftsmen, peasants etc.
Star Appeal beat a strong field at Longchamp, as Allez France, Dahlia and Bruni were among the leading fancies, while top fillies Ivanjica and Nobiliary also lined up.
In the 1920's it was agreed that candidates at least in the New World did not have to demonstrate nobiliary proofs.
FRENCH filly Nobiliary looks a banker in the Eclipse and is sent off 11-10 fav with Piggott in the plate.