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A man of noble rank.


n, pl -men
a man of noble rank, title, or status; peer; aristocrat


(ˈnoʊ bəl mən)

n., pl. -men.
a man of noble birth or rank; noble; peer.
no′ble•man•ly, adv.
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Noun1.nobleman - a titled peer of the realmnobleman - a titled peer of the realm    
armiger - a nobleman entitled to bear heraldic arms
baron - a nobleman (in various countries) of varying rank
burgrave - a nobleman ruling a German castle and surrounding grounds by hereditary right
count - a nobleman (in various countries) having rank equal to a British earl
duke - a nobleman (in various countries) of high rank
grandee - a nobleman of highest rank in Spain or Portugal
male aristocrat - a man who is an aristocrat
margrave - a German nobleman ranking above a count (corresponding in rank to a British marquess)
marquess, marquis - nobleman (in various countries) ranking above a count
mesne lord - a feudal lord who was lord to his own tenants on land held from a superior lord
milord - a term of address for an English lord
palsgrave, palatine - (Middle Ages) the lord of a palatinate who exercised sovereign powers over his lands
peer - a nobleman (duke or marquis or earl or viscount or baron) who is a member of the British peerage
sire - a title of address formerly used for a man of rank and authority
thane - a feudal lord or baron
viscount - (in various countries) a son or younger brother or a count
noblewoman, peeress, Lady - a woman of the peerage in Britain


[ˈnəʊblmən] N (noblemen (pl)) → noble m, aristócrata m (Spanish Hist) → hidalgo m


[ˈnəʊbəlmən] n (= aristocrat) → noble m


[ˈnəʊblmən] n (-men (pl)) → nobile m, nobiluomo


(ˈnəubl) adjective
1. honourable; unselfish. a noble mind; a noble deed.
2. of high birth or rank. a noble family; of noble birth.
a person of high birth. The nobles planned to murder the king.
noˈbility (-ˈbi-) noun
1. the state of being noble. the nobility of his mind/birth.
2. nobles ie dukes, earls etc. The nobility supported the king during the revolution.
ˈnobly adverb
He worked nobly for the cause of peace.
ˈnoblemanfeminine ˈnoblewoman noun
a noble. The king was murdered by a nobleman at his court.
References in classic literature ?
Another voice, that of a nobleman of medium height and about forty years of age, whom Pierre had formerly met at the gypsies' and knew as a bad cardplayer, and who, also transformed by his uniform, came up to Pierre, interrupted Adraksin.
Many other orators spoke after the excited nobleman, and all in the same tone.
The marshal of the province in whose hands the law had placed the control of so many important public functions--the guardianship of wards (the very department which was giving Levin so much trouble just now), the disposal of large sums subscribed by the nobility of the province, the high schools, female, male, and military, and popular instruction on the new model, and finally, the district council--the marshal of the province, Snetkov, was a nobleman of the old school,--dissipating an immense fortune, a good-hearted man, honest after his own fashion, but utterly without any comprehension of the needs of modern days.
But at that instant a nobleman of Sergey Ivanovitch's party said that he had heard that the committee had not verified the accounts, considering such a verification an insult to the marshal of the province.
I had heard in a vague way of the place, as a whim of a certain young nobleman who combined brains with the pursuit of pleasure.
In this country, the village should in some respects take the place of the nobleman of Europe.
The younger of the princesses rose from her seat at this remark, and was about to take the hand which the young nobleman extended to her, with an eagerness which arose from a variety of motives, when the admiral intervened between them, observing; "A moment, if you please, my lord; it is not possible for ladies to disembark just now, the sea is too rough; it is probable the wind may abate before sunset, and the landing will not be effected, therefore, until this evening.
Find me two horses to go and pay a visit to a nobleman of my acquaintance who resides near this place.
replied the postmaster, uncovering with respect, "a very worthy nobleman.
I knew the institution with which I had to deal, and called my own likeness, Portrait of a Nobleman.
The priest having all confidence in his guest, who, besides, was a nobleman, had left to him his house, his supper and his chamber.
Well, I propose to him such a marriage as any nobleman in the land might be proud of-- the only thing in life I ever asked him--and he refuses me.