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Any of the three canonical divisions of the office of matins.

[Middle English nocturne, from Medieval Latin nocturna, from Latin, feminine of nocturnus, of the night; see nocturnal.]


(Roman Catholic Church) RC Church any of the main sections of the office of matins
[C13: from Medieval Latin nocturna, from Latin nocturnus nocturnal, from nox night]


(ˈnɒk tɜrn)

a division of the office of matins.
[before 1150; Old English noctern < Medieval Latin nocturna < Latin nocturnus of the night = noct-, nox night + -urnus suffix of temporal adjectives]
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Raluca Nicolae, BA in Philology (majoring Japanese-English) at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Bucharest; BA in Philosophy at the International Academy for the Study of The History of Religions and Cultures (Bucharest); MA in Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Bucharest; PhD in Philology at "Constantin Brailoiu" Institute of Ethnography and Folklore (Romanian Academy) was the recipient of several scholarships to Japan and the author of Diurn si nocturn in legendele japoneze [Daytime and Nighttime in Japanese Legends] (2010); Alternante traditionale: intre cosmic si teluric [Traditional Interchanges: From Heaven to Earth] (2010); Limba japoneza.
the entertainer talks to the audience about his life and plays some of his best known performance pieces, ranging from "I'll be Seeing You'' to Chopin's Nocturn in E Flat Major.
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La femei, pruritul vulvar si cel perianal sunt recunoscute ca manifestari ale pruritului psihogen si sunt, uneori, determinate de stres, cu toate ca aceasta cauza este, probabil, supraevaluata, trebuind excluse cauzele oculte, reversibile, ca oxiuroza, dermatita medicamentoasa, candidoza, neoplaziile, atacurile de prurit nocturn, insotit de senzatia de mancarime si transpiratii, toate acestea ducand, de multe ori, la anxietate.
Tropics did beat Nocturn in the Hopeful Stakes at Newmarket on good to soft (soft in places), but I would be wary of accepting either of them will be suited by today's surface.
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Pana in aprilie 1945, Germania devenise un infern diurn si nocturn, foarte asemanator viziunilor despre iad pictate de Hieronymus Bosch.