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Of, relating to, resembling, being, or situated near or at a node.

nod′al·ly adv.


of or like a node
noˈdality n
ˈnodally adv


(ˈnoʊd l)

pertaining to or of the nature of a node.
no•dal′i•ty, n.


adjknotenartig; nodal point (fig)Knotenpunkt m
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For each district, a four-tier supervisory mechanism has been put in place with a Central Nodal Officer from the Union Government, a State Nodal Officer from concerned State Govt,a District Nodal Officer / District Collector and a Union Minister-in-charge.
New Delhi [India], Jan 18 ( ANI ): Integrated Nodal Agency (INA), an inter-ministerial body that examines the issues faced by women who are married to Non-Resident Indian (NRI), reviewed ten cases of revocation of passport request made by National Commission of Women (NCW).
Most of the previous studies reported a single SA nodal artery.
A large prospective phase III trial was performed to compare outcomes with this approach against outcomes in patients who instead underwent observation using frequent nodal ultrasound and had lymph node dissection only if nodal recurrence developed, said Mark B.
5 May 2017 - Germany based energy exchange European Energy Exchange (EEX), part of Germany based Deutsche Borse Group, has finalised the acquisition of 100% equity in US-based derivatives exchange Nodal Exchange Holdings, LLC to enter the North American energy trading markets, the company said.
In this study, we aimed to determine the accuracy of CT-Scan in evaluation of nodal metastasis in cases of clinically N0 stage in carcinomas of head and neck making CT Scan better prognosticator of the disease and repressing the clinical practice of advising unnecessary tests.
KEY WORDS: Breast cancer, Clinicopathological characteristics, Histological grade, Nodal metastasis, TNM stage, Tumor size.
A nodal agency, which was formed by the MEA after the SC direction, was very effective in that case and the seamen were rescued within months.
Staging of disease can be done by CT scan, PET-CT, Endoluminal Ultrasound, bronchoscopy and diagnostic laparoscopy with different diagnostic accuracies for Tumour site, nodal status and distant metastasis were used for each of these.
Global nodal displacement and the rotational vector are the basic unknown variables for the formulation.