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Of, relating to, resembling, being, or situated near or at a node.

nod′al·ly adv.


of or like a node
noˈdality n
ˈnodally adv


(ˈnoʊd l)

pertaining to or of the nature of a node.
no•dal′i•ty, n.


adjknotenartig; nodal point (fig)Knotenpunkt m
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First, drawing on Hood's "Tools of Government" scheme (1983), when policy instruments become digitized they tend to be assigned to the category of Information (or Nodality, as originally termed by Hood) rather than the other categories of tools (Authority, Treasure and Organization).
He previously served as CTO and CIO at Nodality, CSO at Signature BioScience, Research Staff Member at IBM, as well as scientific, quality systems, and leadership roles at other biotechnology companies.
He also served as a venture partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA), and as President and CEO of Nodality.
The effects of nodality on the formation of equivalence classes.
In "Excurse," Lawrence attempts to emphasize the reunion of body and mind through the apparent paradoxes of "the deepest physical mind" and "pure mystic nodality of physical being" (WL 318, 319).
Nodality is a privately held biotechnology company focused on improving the development and clinical use of therapeutics in autoimmune disease and cancer through the application of its proprietary Single Cell Network Profiling (SCNP) technology platform.
By locating the TCC in both its immediate surroundings and the broader city-region, we show the scale of intended nodality.
Pfizer also has the option to partner with Nodality in companion diagnostics development.
Connexity, connectivity and nodality properties have been already studied for Bucharest metro network in papers (Dragu and Burciu, 2006; Raicu et al.
Nodality effects during equivalence class formation: An extension to sight-word reading and concept development.
nodality, where regions are defined around heterogeneous nodes (cities, villages, etc.
25] Most importantly, the older embedded public identities of territorial nationality at physical sites are being tested by newer e-public identities tied to telemetrical nodality generated for, by, and of the e-haviors made possible at digital sites.