node of Ranvier

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node of Ran·vier

 (rän′vyā, rän-vyā′, räN-)
n. pl. nodes of Ranvier
A constriction in the myelin sheath, occurring at varying intervals along the length of a nerve fiber.

[After Louis Antoine Ranvier (1835-1922), French histologist.]

node of Ranvier

(Anatomy) any of the gaps that occur at regular intervals along the length of the sheath of a myelinated nerve fibre, at which the axon is exposed
[C19: named after Louis-Antoine Ranvier (1835–1922), French histologist]

node′ of Ran•vier′

(rɑnˈvyeɪ, ˈrɑn vyeɪ)

a gap occurring at regular intervals between segments of myelin sheath along a nerve axon.
[after Louis-Antoine Ranvier (1835–1922), French histologist]
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1976) Intramembranous particle distribution at the node of Ranvier and adjacent axolemma in myelinated axons of the frog brain.
12) have reported reversible loss of normal axonal and Schwann cell structure at the node of Ranvier in peroneal and caudal ventral nerves of rats exposed to CO.
The medical examiner would find swelling of the axons at the node of Ranvier when he later peered through his microscope.