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1. A small knotlike protuberance.
2. Medicine A small, abnormal but usually benign mass of tissue, as on the thyroid gland, in the lung, or under the skin.
3. Botany A small knoblike outgrowth, especially one on the roots of a leguminous plant that contains bacteria that fix nitrogen.
4. Mineralogy A small rounded lump of a mineral or mixture of minerals, usually harder than the surrounding rock or sediment.

[Middle English, from Latin nōdulus, diminutive of nōdus, knot; see ned- in Indo-European roots.]

nod′u·lar (nŏj′ə-lər), nod′u·lose′ (-lōs′), nod′u·lous (-ləs) adj.
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Adj.1.nodulose - having minute nodules
unshapely - not well-proportioned and pleasing in shape; "a stout unshapely woman"
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Lateral areas distinctly defined, sculptured like head valve, two nodulose ribs of about equal width, separate by narrow, deep sulcus.
Antemucronal area sculptured like central areas, postmucronal area sharply differentiated with 12-16 strong, nodulose, radial ribs; ribs of differing widths, some ribs splitting, bearing a few tubercles near outer margin.