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n. pl. no·di (-dī)
A difficult situation or problem; a complication.

[Latin nōdus, knot; see ned- in Indo-European roots.]
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n, pl -di (-daɪ)
1. a problematic idea, situation, etc
2. another word for node
[C14: from Latin: knot]
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(ˈnoʊ dəs)

n., pl. -di (-dī).
a difficult or intricate point or situation.
[1720–30; < Latin nōdus knot]
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(if there be any such deity, for I do not confidently assert it) preserved his votary; or perhaps it may not be dignus vindice nodus , and the present security of Jones may be accounted for by natural means; for as love frequently preserves from the attacks of hunger, so may hunger possibly, in some cases, defend us against love.
Farebrother's prophecy of a fourth candidate "in the bag" had not yet been fulfilled, neither the Parliamentary Candidate Society nor any other power on the watch to secure a reforming majority seeing a worthy nodus for interference while there was a second reforming candidate like Mr.
It seemed clear that Tom's despair under the caprices of the present tense did not constitute a nodus worthy of interference, and since this was the climax of his difficulties, where was the use of praying for help any longer?
In his usual nodus operandi, Sonko unleashed audio recordings of his conversations with Passaris, insisting that they were in decent talking terms until 48 hours before the Madaraka Day fete, during which event they fell out.
Obviously, how to distinguish substrings from keyboard pattern or other patterns (L, D, S, etc) in passwords becomes both an emphasis and a nodus. It should be clear that any keyboard structure also has an original base structure (without using K).
the exact verbal nodus of the problem, a better structure of his
umbilicalis Arteria umbilicar singularis unica E6. Anomaliae funiculi Anomalias del cordon umbilicalis umbilical E6. Nodus spurious Nudo falso del cordon funiculi ambilicalis umbilical E6. Nodus verus funiculi Nudo verdadero del umbilicalis cordon umbilical E6. Anomaliae placentae Anomalias placentarias E6. Placenta a ccreta Placenta acreta E6. Placenta Placenta extracorial extrachorialis E6. Placenta fenestrata Placenta fenestrada E6. Placenta incarcerata Placenta incarcerada E6. Placenta increta Placenta increta E6. Placenta p Placenta panduriforme anduriformis E6. Placenta percreta Placenta percreta Tabla III.
Preantennal Region: Head more or less triangular; anterior margin tapered; hyaline margin developed, marginal carina unbroken medially and highly translucent in the mid-anterior part; clypeal suture developed, not touches premarginal carina; ventral preantennal setae (pas) conspicuously long and fine in two pairs; preantennal nodus very short; conus sharply pointed, more or less equal to scape in length; ventral anterior plate present; pulvinus divided, not surrounded by pulvinal band; torma absent.
Huc quidquid fetu genuit natura sinistro miscetur: non spuma canum quibus unda timori est, viscera non lyncis, non durae nodus hyaenae defuit et cerui pastae serpente medullae, non puppim retinens Euro tendente rudentis in mediis echenais aquis oculique draconum quaeque sonant feta tepefacta sub alite saxa, non Arabum volucer serpens innataque rubris aequoribus custos pretiosae vipera conchae aut viventis adhuc Libyci membrana cerastae aut cinis Eoa positi phoenicis in ara.
The "nodus" found in Wang's formulation of lyrical discourse, that is, the modernity of the lyrical, should be understood as a continuation of lyrical tradition.
His rugs for Spanish company Nani Marquina and the Italian brand Nodus are visual overloads of colors and child-like designs.

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