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n. pl. no·di (-dī)
A difficult situation or problem; a complication.

[Latin nōdus, knot; see ned- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -di (-daɪ)
1. a problematic idea, situation, etc
2. another word for node
[C14: from Latin: knot]


(ˈnoʊ dəs)

n., pl. -di (-dī).
a difficult or intricate point or situation.
[1720–30; < Latin nōdus knot]
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Farebrother's prophecy of a fourth candidate "in the bag" had not yet been fulfilled, neither the Parliamentary Candidate Society nor any other power on the watch to secure a reforming majority seeing a worthy nodus for interference while there was a second reforming candidate like Mr.
Nodus collaborates with some of the best international designers.
On Aug 5 Nodus Alcyonius was also weakly returning to view on Parker's images.
Sinus reentry tachycardia is formed when the pathological pathway is located in nodus sinuatrialis.
Symmetry of damselflies was estimated as the absolute difference in the number of cells (c) between the nodus and ptrostigma on left (L) and right (R) wings.
6) "Sic autem et Euae inobaudientiae nodus solutionem accepit per obaudientiam Mariae.
Droixhe and Chantal Grell (Munster: Nodus Publikationen, 1993), 168.
To further document intraspecific variation, the following are additional comments on the female pedipalp and leg: pedipalp indistinctly granulate, chela hand near base of movable finger with a cluster of finely dentate setae, both chelal fingers externolaterally with numerous sense spots, lateral side of fixed finger with numerous microchaetae in distal quarter; fixed finger with approximately 95 small marginal teeth, 15 externolateral accessory teeth and 7 internolateral accessory teeth, movable finger with approximately 85 marginal teeth, 13 externolateral, and 9 internolateral accessory teeth; nodus ramosus of venom duct at level of trichobothrium t.
In Shakespeare, Plautus and the Humanist Tradition, Wolfgang Riehle points out "the nodus erroris" in this play "is exceedingly tightly knit," and the play's action, "develops with an almost 'uncanny' logic, and thus it approaches the structure of tragedy" (1990, 104).

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