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n.1.A worthless, disreputable, or malicious person.
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The film follows the evolutions of nogoodnik Kylie Bucknell (Morgana O'Reilly) and her mother, Miriam (Rima Te Wiata), with whom she is sentenced to spend nine months under house arrest as punishment for her role in a botched robbery.
Nogoodnik Stanley Subbers (0liver Chris, as tall as a beanpole but with a smaller brain) has murdered Roscoe, the dodgy fiance of dimwit Pauline Clinch (Claire tams), of whom her own father Charlie "The Duck" Clinch (Fred Ridgeway) remarks: "They've tried but they can't make bricks thicker.
Maybe so, if you were a religion Zionist or a secular nationalist or a sentimentalist or a fundamentalist, but if you were just a Jewish leydigeyer in America, an out-of-work nogoodnik with a nagging wife who didn't work either, and you fancied yourself a writer who over two dozen years had published at the most four poems and three short stories in two magazines printed by your own friends that even your own mother didn't read, then there should have been other things to cry about besides the dispersion and the assimilation of your hapless people.
14) Their perennial antagonists are the Pottsylvanian nogoodnik spies Boris Badenov and Nathasa Fatale, who speak with broad faux-Russian accents.
The protagonist, Danny Williams, an up-from-the-vaguely-mean-but-very-Protestant streets of Northern Ireland, tries to survive both a Magic Circle (18) London law firm and the nogoodnik loyalist circles into which some of his childhood acquaintances have drifted.
Years later, in real life, the Stop the Insanity lady would work this script for real, overcoming fat and a nogoodnik husband to achieve thinness, capital, and now apotheosis as talk-show hostess.
While Ma's distaff colleagues brag about the exploits of their ill-famed offspring, Ma Dalton is chronically embarrassed by her boys' inability to make their mark as nogoodnik desperadoes.
Granted, the superficial signifiers of his work--cocaine-fuelled Italian-American goodfellas and nogoodniks filmed with hyperkinetic crash zooms over a Rolling Stones soundtrack--are easily (and often) imitated, whether in sitcom parodies or in films like Boogie Nights (Paul Thomas Anderson, 1997) or American Hustle (David O Russell, 2013).
A few years later, red-tinged Shmoo-like characters with bandaged buttocks called Nogoodniks from Lower Slobbovia made a brief appearance and shocked the Dogpatch residents with their vileness and lack of productivity.
They were hardened criminals who were violent nogoodniks.
A curriculum program called "The Seven Cs of Thinking Clearly" (Criticism, Creativity, Curiosity, Concentration, Communication, Correction, and Control) helps children identify "faulty thinking practices" by way of "The Stink'n Think'n Gang," a gang of nogoodniks whose members include Iwannit Now, Judge B.
People are not the selfish nogoodniks poised at the edge of Macey's razor, Rubin argues.