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adv. Nonstandard
In no way; not at all.


not standard (in negative constructions)
a. under any conditions
b. in any manner



adv. Nonstandard.
in no case; in no way.
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Adv.1.nohow - in no manner; in no way; "We could nohow make out his handwriting"


[ˈnəʊhaʊ] ADVde ninguna manera
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I know what you're thinking about,' said Tweedledum: 'but it isn't so, nohow.
There's no pleasin' her, nohow, no matter how you try
I told him I had an old slick counterfeit quarter that warn't no good because the brass showed through the silver a little, and it wouldn't pass nohow, even if the brass didn't show, because it was so slick it felt greasy, and so that would tell on it every time.
We talked the murder and the ghost over and over again, and got so creepy and crawly we couldn't get sleepy nohow and noway.
Can't cultivate an ear for music in that cat nohow," said Captain Jim.
Now, if I can't get away nohow, and they tip me the black spot, mind you, it's my old sea-chest they're after; you get on a horse--you can, can't you?
if dat ar de way dem northern ladies do, dey an't ladies, nohow," she said to some of her satellites, when at a safe hearing distance.
If there's a chance of his going to the dogs, let him--perhaps you could nohow hinder it-- and do you take the benefit.
But Helen's laugh rang true, as she raised a soapy hand to heaven and swore that never, nowhere and nohow, would she again fall in love with any of the Wilcox family, down to its remotest collaterals.
Bob had not been aware of the injurious opinion for which Maggie was performing an inward act of penitence, but he smiled with pleasure at this handsome eulogy,--especially from a young lass who, as he informed his mother that evening, had "such uncommon eyes, they looked somehow as they made him feel nohow.
He said, almost in the same words as formerly, that Ham was just the same, 'wearing away his life with kiender no care nohow for 't; but never murmuring, and liked by all'.
I wanted easy ways, and lovely things, and Romance and all that; but it just seemed I had no luck nohow and was only and expressly born for cooking and dishwashing.