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Noun1.noise conditions - the condition of being noisy (as in a communication channel)
condition, status - a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"
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Fireworks: | | Keep fireworks in a closed box well away from any bonfire and use them one at a time | Light the firework at arm's length using a taper or fuse wick and stand well back - never return to a firework once it has been lit | Take one firework out of the box at a time or have a tin to store loose fireworks safely, replace the lid in between lighting fireworks, keep fireworks away from sources of heat or ignition and never light more than one at a time | Follow the manufacturer's instructions very carefully and cordon off the area where the fireworks will be lit | You can only sell fireworks that conform to EU safety standards (or British Standard BS 7114 if they were produced before 4 July 2010) and which carry the CE mark and meet certain noise conditions.
Among other things, The following questions are posed: Which sound distribution models and calculation methods offer the possibility to model weather influences How do these models differ Does the inclusion of weather data provide consistent and relevant results Can you find links between weather profiles and level increases Can weather-corrected sound propagation calculations in ambivalent noise conditions provide an aid for noise protection decisions Target / benefit the research project serves as a feasibility study with the aim to test the applicability of complex meteorological sound propagation models.
Three of the four road noise conditions were 60, 80 and 100 kph on a brushed concrete road surface.
By the study, a set of resources that may help us understand how noise conditions may constrain or facilitate safety work are identified.
It eliminates the need for pre-set thresholds - which can require airports to frequently adjust settings at each monitoring location when background noise conditions change.
Prominence Ratios of the Signals Used in Method I for the Assorted Tonal Frequency and Background Noise Conditions Frequency 125 Hz 500 Hz BNL 40 dBA 55 dBA 40 dBA 55 dBA PR 15 13 9 6 18 15 12 9 21 18 15 12 24 21 18 15 27 24 21 18 Table 2.
To show the qualitative and quantitative performance of the proposed method, it has been tested under different levels of light and noise conditions.
The officer added if the committee decides to approve the application the recommendation is to include noise conditions on the licence.
The reason is that the standard noise conditions as formulated in [10, 11, 15] are never satisfied in the discrete case.
In case of long vowels the differences between the two noise conditions were significant; in B versus P (Z = 2.
It is not difficult to see from the Table 1, as for the four types of noise conditions at all SNR levels, the CM-MSS estimator yields significantly higher SNRseg values than the MMSE-MSS estimator.
Because there is a model that offers a NRR of 33, does that mean your supply of NRR 29 earplugs is unsafe7 The correct answer is "no," unless the exposure time and noise levels require that level of protection, finder most workplace noise conditions, a NRR of 29 offers excellent protection.

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