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Noun1.noise level - the amplitude level of the undesired background noise
amplitude - greatness of magnitude
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population has the potential to be exposed to noise from aviation and interstate highways at levels below 50 decibels--roughly comparable to the noise level of a humming refrigerator.
The end results are fabulous and practically the noise level is non-existent.
Therefore, the purposes were to measure the noise level in several environments of a Public Hospital in Governador Valadares and to analyze its effects on the employees based on their complaints.
The new equipment increased the noise level so a new assessment was required and involved carrying out the following steps: | Placing noise dose meters on stationary and mobile personnel working in area.
But there were numerous complaints about the noise level from neighbours.
When the noise level varies an integrating sound level meter will provide the average noise level for the sampling period (Leq).
A NEW study reveals that 65 per cent of Nicosians are satisfied with the quality of the air in the town, and nearly the same number of residents, or 64 per cent, are happy with the noise level in the capital.
44-FZ) The purchase may be involved only small businesses and socially oriented non-profit organizations in accordance with Article 30, 44 of the Federal Law Provision of the contract Provision of the contract is not required Additional Information Information is absent List of attached documents 1 Calculation NMTSK on monitoring the status bar of air and noise levels at the boundary of the SPZ 2 The terms of reference for monitoring the state of the atmospheres of air and noise levels at the boundary of the SPZ 3 Form of quotation requests 4, GK Project for monitoring the condition of the air bar and the noise level at the boundary of the SPZ Date and time of placing the notice (local time, an organization engaged in publishing) 05.
Noise level estimation is an important aspect of image processing.
The highest noise level at the workplace must not exceed 85 decibels for up to eight hours a day.
Watts et al [4] conducted a comparison between sound barriers and porous asphalt effects in noise level of the area and applied a correction parameter to mathematical models of noise calculations, Watts et al [4].