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One that makes noise, especially a device such as a horn or rattle used to make noise at a party.

noise′mak′ing n.


US and Canadian something, such as a clapper or bell, used to make a loud noise at football matches, celebrations, etc
ˈnoiseˌmaking n, adj


(ˈnɔɪzˌmeɪ kər)

a person or thing that makes noise, esp. a rattle, horn, or other device used on festive occasions.
noise′mak`ing, n., adj.
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Noun1.noisemaker - a device (such as a clapper or bell or horn) used to make a loud noise at a celebrationnoisemaker - a device (such as a clapper or bell or horn) used to make a loud noise at a celebration
device - an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose; "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist"; "a device intended to conserve water"
horn - a noisemaker (as at parties or games) that makes a loud noise when you blow through it
thunderer - a noisemaker that makes a sound like thunder


[ˈnɔɪzˌmeɪkəʳ] N (US) → matraca f
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After placing his stands, he prunes off any noisemaking brush, and then carefully rakes the leaves off his entry trails so he can silently ghost to his stands in broad daylight.
This varied noisemaking includes "screaming and other kinds of sounds," (Hyden, "Non-verbal Vocalizations" 135) and is often experienced as being disturbing in family and care contexts.
Also crucial is the author's claim that the religious practices of Black Pentecostalism, such as "whooping, shouting, noisemaking, and tongues speech" are so distinctive in this denomination of African American religion that it allows for nontraditional and unorthodoxy activities to exist and thrive for persons of African descent in the United States who are under consistent assault be the larger society (p.
As we continue into the new year, it is worth remembering that we do not have to rely solely on the power of noisemaking to shoo away evil and misfortune from our lives.
If someone doesn't comply with a warning notice issued by the council, they could be fined up to PS1,000 and have noisemaking equipment removed.
2-litres of fire-breathing, noisemaking, tyre-smoking lunacy wrapped in a body with more creases in it than a tatty old bank note.
The squeakers are designed so that even if punctured by a hard chewer, the toy will continue its wonderful noisemaking capability.
Noisemaking through fireworks on New Year's Eve, believed to have originated in ancient times were thought to dispel evil spirits and bring good luck.
Here fair means that Bobby's noisemaking is unnecessarily disturbing the tranquility of the household.
The local council can also seize noisemaking equipment.
A flashy little hummingbird in the Bahamas could get upgraded to full species status, thanks to research that began with noisemaking tail feathers.
The performers' movements put pressure on a noisemaking toy strapped underneath the plank, its moos lending a sense of humorous excess typical of much artistic experimentation from this period (a quality that documentary photos don't quite convey).