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A small round piece of meat, especially a loin or fillet of lamb, veal, or pork.
Made or flavored with hazelnuts.

[French, from Old French, diminutive of nois, nut, from Latin nux.]


(Cookery) flavoured or made with hazelnuts
1. (Cookery) a small round boneless slice of lamb from the fillet or leg
2. (Cookery) a chocolate made with hazelnuts
[from French: hazelnut]
References in classic literature ?
At the sound of their steps a young woman of twenty to five and twenty, dressed in a silk morning gown, and busily engaged in plucking the dead leaves off a noisette rose-tree, raised her head.
Beef direct won three gold stars for noisette of Welsh lamb, The Food Technology Centre scooped gold for bursting blueberry luxury ice cream, while Popty'r Bryn treacle toffee was a golden treat.
John Torode and Gregg Wallace challenge three former contestants to cook at London restaurant La Noisette.
The dish, a lamb noisette with black pudding and herb stuffing, was picked as the New Products Silver Award winner at the National Exhibition Centre show Hospitality Week '99.
There will be Latin American food from Yakumama, of Manchester; international cuisine from Wah Wahs, of Sheffield; Far East delights from Street Cleaver, of York; cheese-less wood fired pizza from Honest Crust, baked goods from Noisette Bakehouse, of Liversedge; and a wide variety of meat and milk free vegan treats from Mother May I.
AND narrator India Fisher in MasterChef's childhood family favourite round: "Giovanna has made rolled rabbit loin saltimbocca, stuffed with rabbit leg and liver with a pumpkin-and- apple puree, toasted hazelnuts and a beurre noisette.
Make Buerre Noisette with the butter: Start melting butter over medium heat.
Contractor address : Agence de Paris, ZAC des Godets, 4 impasse de la Noisette, BP403
The Leamington butcher scooped 'England's Best Innovative Steak' for 2015 with its 1 bone Sirloin Noisette.
The first is the beurre noisette - this just means nut butter - and refers to the act of burning your melted butter to give it a nutty flavour.
Toasted hazelnut in a vinaigrette of beurre noisette somehow seemed to be the correct way of bringing an autumn sweetness to the plate.
Less dairy intake is also one of the reasons why French have a slim figure, as even their coffee cups are smaller in size than the usual and they mostly prefer to drink an espresso without milk or a noisette.