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 (nōl′də, nōld)
v. Obsolete
A past tense of nill.
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(German ˈnɔldə)
(Biography) Emil (ˈeːmiːl). 1867–1956, German painter and engraver, noted particularly for his violent use of colour and the primitive masklike quality of his figures
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In college, he encountered another influential mentor, Mario Parial, who introduced him to the nuances of German Expressionism, sparking his attraction to the works of Max Beckman, Emil Nolde, and Sandro Chia.
'He spoke slowly and softly,' wrote Emil Nolde, after visiting Strandgade in 1900.
Tim Nolde, who developed the Curve Crest Villas at 2225 Orleans St.
He was a Nazi sympathizer and a Jew hater -- that's what researchers discovered about painter Emil Nolde. Nevertheless, his paintings hung in the German Chancellor's office until recently.
The Nolde Condominium Association was formed by Nolde Bakery in 2006 to manage its renovated condominium development.
I see the kitchens of our terrace gilded as by Vuillard or Hodgkin, Emil Nolde, Titian.
She had been painting glowing watercolors of flowers and landscapes reminiscent of Nolde. After settling in Washington, DC area she began painting on canvas in oil and acrylic paints.
"What was it to be Jewish and a woman entering the field of art at the moment at which modernist art--identified with Van Gogh, Cezanne, Munch, Modigliani, Chagall, Nolde and Picasso...
He was inspired by a number of other artists, such as El Greco, Francisco Goya and Emil Nolde. Agonies is thought to have been influenced by Picasso's work, in particular Guernica.
Nolde et al., "Toxic principle of selva ant venom is a pore-forming protein transformer," FEBS Letters, vol.