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1. A skateboarding maneuver in which the rider lifts the board into the air by pressing down on it with the front foot, raising the rear foot, and then raising the front foot.
2. A similar maneuver in snowboarding in which the rider lifts the rear foot and then the front foot to spring into the air without going off a ramp.

[Probably partly short for Natas ollie (after Natas Kaupas (born 1969), American professional skateboarder who invented the maneuver) and partly blend of nose, front end of a skateboard, and ollie.]
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My gnarliest injury was 100 percent eating shit on a nollie front crook on that hotel rail in Florida.
I'm not even thinking about the knee just now - only the match and how to beat Nollie, nothing else.
MAKING A SPLASH nOllie O'Flaherty in action BOARD GAME Ollie O'Flaherty could win top gong
So maybe it's time for Robbo to get back on two wheels again, so I can show those youngsters a swizzhizzing, nosewheeling, nollie flipping, frontside pivoting thing or two.
Nollie Front Flip: This means springing off of the nose while going off a jump and leaning forward, allows you to do a frontflip.
Grants to private, civic and miscellaneous organizations included Cub Scout Troop 124 (McComb), Junior League of Jackson, Girls and Boys Club (Gulf Coast), Girl Scout Troop 6013 (Columbia), Nollie Jenkins Family Center, Inc.
The groom is the son of Mike and Lisa Jarancik and Keith and Christie Case, and the grandson of Nollie and Hilda Lewis and Lloyd and Lavelle Case, all of Brookhaven.
Put a photo in your brag book of the nollie you did.
nOllie Pears suffered a double blow in the one-mile-five-furlong handicap, picking up a three-day suspension (May 24-26) for misuse of the whip after his mount, Spartan Royale, was beaten a short head by Les Eyre's Mr Fortywinks, the judge having to call for a print to decide the result.
Nollie Vera Cruz, IRRI plant pathologist and leader of the Heirloom Rice project, hopes that heirloom rice might reach other potential markets to benefit farmers.