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n. pl. no·los
Nolo contendere.
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The landlord agreed with this view, and after taking the sense of the company, and duly rehearsing a small ceremony known in high ecclesiastical life as the nolo episcopari, he consented to take on himself the chill dignity of going to Kench's.
If I was to translate this into Latin, I should render it by these two words, Nolo Episcopari : a phrase likewise of immemorial use on another occasion.
The county values the 71-unit Nolo Flats at $14.71 million.
Legal sites like ( LegalZoom and ( Nolo offer step-by-step instructions for writing the document so that it is legally-binding, while ( Office Depot and ( Staples offer templates for between $10 and $40.
Three ships Bulk cargo carrier Fisher-D, Chemicals carrier Nolo Wati and Oil Tanker Mari sailed out Sea in Tuesday morning.
But the justices added, "Nevertheless, the fact that under Bar Rule 3-7.2(a)(2), his nolo contendere pleas to two felony charges constitute determinations of guilt, coupled with the inexcusable fact that he concealed those pleas from the Bar for more than seven years, requires the imposition of a lengthy suspension....
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Nolo also offers the estate planning software Quicken WillMaker Plus.
* Starting & Running a Successful Newsletter or Magazine, by Cheryl Woodard, 5th Edition, Nolo, 455 pp., $29.99.
Among them: Quicken WillMaker & Estate Planning Plus 2007, Plan Your Estate by Denis Clifford and Cora Jordan (Nolo Press; $44.99), and Make Your Own Living Trust by Denis Clifford (Nolo Press; $39.99).
The lawyers have put together a downloadable partnership guide that's a gay-specific companion for their book Nolo's Prenuptual Agreements: How to Write a Fair and Lasting Contract.