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 (nō′mən-klā′chər, nō-mĕn′klə-)
1. A system of names used in an art or science: the nomenclature of mineralogy.
2. The system or procedure of assigning names to groups of organisms as part of a taxonomic classification: the rules of nomenclature in botany.

[Latin nōmenclātūra, from nōmenclātor, nomenclator; see nomenclator.]

no′men·cla′tur·al adj.
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Still "Lovey" is something of a nomenclatural tin can on the tail of one's self respect.
The nomenclatural authority used for amphibians and reptiles was Crother et al.
Each combines regional flavor and nomenclatural freshness.
We also propose some nomenclatural improvements to fill gaps in the subseries rank and briefly discuss some recent developments in biostratigraphy and correlation with the international timescale.
For further exemplification of this nomenclatural matter, see my
The mistake was discovered by CSIRO's Adam Slipinski, a beetle expert who started a dispute over nomenclatural ethics (Holden, 2002) when he and his colleagues proposed a replacement name, Megapnosaurus, which roughly translates to "big dead lizard" (Ivie et al., 2001).
Pseudocydonia sinensis, the Chinese quince, suffers from all sorts of nomenclatural baggage.
clypealis have been described previously (3), but this study lacks the chaetotaxal detail required by current and more modern nomenclatural standards.
Taxonomic and nomenclatural comments on the Triticeae in North America.
Regardless of the nomenclatural distinction, statutes such as the one quoted above are designed to prevent claimants from being left in the lurch by cooperative cancellation between insurer and policyholder.
A legacy of taxonomical and nomenclatural problems is due to a largely incomplete set of basic morphological information about the species (Grygier, 1994a) and to the inaccuracy and shallowness of many species descriptions.

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