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 (nō′mən-klā′chər, nō-mĕn′klə-)
1. A system of names used in an art or science: the nomenclature of mineralogy.
2. The system or procedure of assigning names to groups of organisms as part of a taxonomic classification: the rules of nomenclature in botany.

[Latin nōmenclātūra, from nōmenclātor, nomenclator; see nomenclator.]

no′men·cla′tur·al adj.
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Still "Lovey" is something of a nomenclatural tin can on the tail of one's self respect.
2013), we urge the WoRMS to reconsider its nomenclatural decision and reassert the retention of the clade Crassostrea as the correct genus for cupped oysters from both the Pacific and the Atlantic.
A set of reagents for the determination of total protein (according to the nomenclatural classification of medical products according to types 200.
The aim of this conspectus is formulation of a backbone of syntaxonomic system of this vegetation that would serve syntaxonomic and nomenclatural revisions in future.
A checklist of the amphibians and reptiles of Costa Rica: additions and nomenclatural revisions.
Lotus alianus, a new species from Cabo Verde and nomenclatural notes on Lotus section Pedrosia (Fabaceae).
Through this nomenclatural anachronism, the biennial lays claim to deep time, and by extension to the transnational narratives that (as Wai Chee Dimock has argued) such expanded temporalities open up.
for reasons of nomenclatural stability and easiness of morphological recognition, which cannot be fulfilled when Boraginaceae is regarded in its broad sense (Luebert et al.
The endings of specific nomina dedicated to persons should not be emended: nomenclatural issues in Phalangopsidae (Hexapoda: Grylloidea).
As would be expected with such a large taxon, the nomenclatural and taxonomic history of Piper is complex and challenging.
coarctatus, provide precise new localities for the species, include a key for identifying it from related species and discuss nomenclatural aspects.
Thus all 20 new species and nomenclatural revisions described by Meek and Hayden must be referenced to this date.