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Noun1.nominating speech - an address (usually at a political convention) proposing the name of a candidate to run for election; "the nomination was brief and to the point"
political science, politics, government - the study of government of states and other political units
oratory - addressing an audience formally (usually a long and rhetorical address and often pompous); "he loved the sound of his own oratory"
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She was a strong advocate for literacy programs - the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy was started while she was first lady - and authored several books: "Barbara Bush: A Memoir"; "Millie's Book: As Dictated to Barbara Bush"; and "Reflections: Life After the White House." At the Republican National Convention in 1988, she made a presidential nominating speech for her husband, becoming the first spouse to take on what quickly became a standard feature of national political conventions.
They then moved in together, as Jones recalled when he gave the nominating speech for Gore at the Democratic National Convention in 2000.
Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) delivers a nominating speech for Republican U.S.
Allowing Clinton to give the nominating speech during prime time made a bitter pill for Obama to swallow.
Dan Balz, the great Washington Post political reporter, reveals in his new best-seller, "Collision 2012,'' that Henry Kissinger, David Koch and other wealthy Republicans tried to woo Christie into the 2012 race and that the self-regarding governor (who almost forgot to mention Mitt Romney in his nominating speech for Romney), "savored every moment.''
Both Richards's 1984 nominating speech for Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro and her keynote speech at the Democratic Convention four years later were career-changing events, claims the author.
Clinton's rousing nominating speech and Romney's backtracking on health care are examples of what's being termed the "old media" functioning at its best.
On Wednesday, Democrats will formally re-nominate Obama as their candidate for re-election after a nominating speech by former President Bill Clinton.
Past National Commander Owen Galvin eloquently delivered the nominating speech for James L.
Fraser -- which upheld the discipline of a student for a nominating speech laced with sexual innuendo -- provided sufficient support for the school authorities in terms of their right and duty to inculcate values.