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Noun1.nominative case - the category of nouns serving as the grammatical subject of a verb
grammatical case, case - nouns or pronouns or adjectives (often marked by inflection) related in some way to other words in a sentence
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nominativprvní pád
caso nominativo
nimetav käänenominatiiv
caso nominativo
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Pressed to fall back upon a nominative case, he opined that they wos about as red as ever red could be.
it's me, and me's the first person singular, nominative case, agreeing with the verb "it's", and governed by Squeers understood, as a acorn, a hour; but when the h is sounded, the a only is to be used, as a and, a art, a ighway,' replied Mr Squeers, quoting at random from the grammar.
When functioning as a subject, kes and mis constantly appear in the default nominative case form.
xcv), the names ending in the accusative should be given in the nominative case in the translation: Muttabriqu, Sarrabtu, Rabisu, Bennu, Sldanu, Ummu, and Libu.
An Agree operation is argued standardly to apply between S and T whereby T values its [phi]--features (person and/or number features) and S, on its part, values its nominative Case feature, (6) and another Agree operation is argued to apply between T and v, by means of which T values [tau]-features ([+/-present]) against v.
With respect to the above remarks, but also in accordance with the Visibility Condition, we represent the nominative Case feature as [u aval].
The overall conclusion, for structural Case assignment in Pashto monotransitive constructions, is that -features agreement between the functional head T and a nominal results in assigning nominative Case to that nominal while - features agreement between the functional head small or Voice (depending on tense) and a nominal results in assigning accusative Case to that nominal.
2005) (stating that most relevant factors in nominative case are "(1) the price of the goods and other factors indicative of the care and attention expected of consumers when making a purchase; (2) the length of time the defendant has used the mark without evidence of actual confusion; (3) the intent of the defendant in adopting the mark; and (4) the evidence of actual confusion"; if those show likelihood of confusion, then proceed to nominative fair use defense), with Rosetta Stone Ltd.
It rather agrees with the object `kapray' that bears the nominative case and therefore can control agreement.
A new conception of nominative case plus the essential assumption that uninterpretable features must be deleted are at the heart of their explanation, which assumes that nominative case is uninterpretable T (uT) in D.
The basic pattern is for instance "NP-nom Va-r3[psd]-n NP-nom" where "NP-nom" denotes a noun phrase in the nominative case and the "Va-r3[psd]-n" matches the auxiliary verb in the present tense of the third person singular, dual or plural and the form is not negative, in other words it corresponds to "je/sta/so" [is/are] forms of the verb "biti" [to be].
As for case marking, S arguments and P in monotransitive frames are in the unmarked nominative case (cf.