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tr.v. nom·i·nat·ed, nom·i·nat·ing, nom·i·nates
1. To propose as a candidate in an election or as one to be considered for an honor or prize: nominated him as their candidate for mayor; was nominated twice for an Academy Award.
2. To designate or appoint to an office or responsibility: "A quiet recruit who always does exactly what he is told ... is nominated to take the rap" (Thomas E. Ricks). See Synonyms at appoint.

[Latin nōmināre, nōmināt-, to name, from nōmen, nōmin-, name; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]

nom′i·na′tor n.
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Noun1.nominator - someone who proposes a candidate for appointment or election
mover, proposer - (parliamentary procedure) someone who makes a formal motion
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The NPL ratio excludes interest in suspense from both nominator and denominator.
The nominator or one of the references must be an AAAI Fellow who is a current member of AAAI.
Fagar added, 'For simplicity, we will only require a single-page letter from the nominator stating why their nominee deserves the award.' If necessary, the technical committee may request nominators to further substantiate the track records of their nominees, she added.
So demure and humble sometimes that it seems as if the nominator and the entrant are talking about two different plans!
An explanation of why the individual or organisation is considered by the nominator to be a worthy candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize,
Nominator Joanne Gould, who is in the audience today, wrote: "I was a 13-year old African American girl with little confidence or self-esteem.
Nominations can be made by individuals who are not AMS members, but the nominator needs to contact AMS Headquarters to be assigned a username for the portal.
His nominator Darren Welsh said: "It's no exaggeration to say that Charlie lives and breathes his job.
Nominee 1: Mary Gerrard, University Hospital Coventry Nominator: Peter Smith, from Coventry PETER said he was grateful to Mary's dedication and compassion when she looked after his father, John Henry Smith, who was being treated on ward 31 at the hospital.
The name, address and phone number of both the nominator and the nominee must be included in the letter.
The entries will be voted upon by an RPGTV panel and the nominator of the winning name invited to join us at the final of the RPGTV Henlow Derby on Sunday, October 26.