non grata

non gra·ta

 (nŏn grä′tə, grăt′ə, nōn)
Not welcome; not approved: The aide, having been declared non grata, was expelled from the country.

non gra•ta

(nɒn ˈgrɑ tə, ˈgreɪ-)

not welcome: The envoy was declared non grata.
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8 (ANI): Pakistan's Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit has said that the US embassy employee, who had pointed gun at a Pakistani cop in Islamabad, could be deported after being declared persona non grata.
ISLAMABAD, August 07, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit has said that US diplomat who had abused a Pakistani police officer could be declared Persona Non Grata and be deported.
THIS time last year Avenged Sevenfold were persona non grata with their UK fans after pulling the plug on a nationwide tour at the very last minute.
Her former coach, Trevor Graham, has been linked to over a dozen athletes in trouble for doping, has become persona non grata at international track meets and is facing a possible eight-year ban.
MINUS SIXTY TOM Hanks usually gets star treatment everywhere, but he was persona non grata when he arrived at Lincoln Cathedral this week to film scenes for The Da Vinci Code.
Three, send a list of thirty or so of his aides who are persona non grata and demand that they leave the country with him.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-11 November 2002-Sweden declares Russian embassy staff persona non grata (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
These misguided people should be stripped of their British citizenship and be declared persona non grata.
The airline's negative stance has prompted the Federal Office for Refugees in Berne to look to charter flights and other carriers as an alternative for deporting individuals designated as persona non grata.
Admittedly, controls are the persona non grata of international financial policy.
Or as Branko Vincic said, "All indications are that proponents of one-world (none) religion are excited, their efforts are paying off, Christ is becoming `persona non grata.

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