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(word root) not
Examples of words with the root non-: nonconformist
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Not: noncombatant.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin nōn, not; see ne in Indo-European roots.]
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1. indicating negation: nonexistent.
2. indicating refusal or failure: noncooperation.
3. indicating exclusion from a specified class of persons or things: nonfiction.
4. indicating lack or absence, esp of a quality associated with what is specified: nonobjective; nonevent.
[from Latin nōn not]
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or 'un


Dial. one: young uns; He's a bad un.


or U.N.,

United Nations.


a prefix meaning “not,” freely used as an English formative, giving negative or opposite force in adjectives and their derivative adverbs and nouns (unfair; unfairly; unfairness; unfelt; unseen; unfitting; unformed; unheard-of; un-get-at-able), and less freely used in certain other nouns (unrest; unemployment).
[Middle English un-, on-, Old English; c. Dutch on-, German un-; akin to Latin in-, Greek an-,a-. See a-6, an-1, in-3]


a prefix freely used in English to form verbs expressing a reversal of some action or state, or removal, deprivation, release, etc. (unbend; uncork; unfasten; etc.), or to intensify the force of a verb already having such a meaning (unloose).
[Middle English, Old English un-, on-; c. Dutch ont-=, German ent-; akin to Latin ante, Greek anti; compare ante-, anti-]
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[nɒn] PREFIXno..., des..., in...
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[ˈnɒn-] prefixnon-non-alcoholic [ˌnɒnælkəˈhɒlɪk] nonalcoholic (US) adjnon alcoolisé(e)non-aligned [ˌnɒnəˈlaɪnd] nonaligned (US) adj [countries, nation, member] → non aligné(e); [movement]non-alignment [ˌnɒnəˈlaɪnmənt] nnon-alignement mnon-attendance [ˌnɒnəˈtɛndəns] nabsence fnon-believer [ˌnɒnbɪˈliːvər] nnon-croyant(e) m/f
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n (Comm, Fin) → Nichtannahme f, → Annahmeverweigerung f
nLeistungsschwache(r) mf
adjnicht verstellbar, unverstellbar
adj (→ an +acc) business, industrynichtangeschlossen attr, → nicht angeschlossen pred
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used with many words to change their meanings to the opposite; not.
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Or, a non- significant sound, which out of several sounds, each of them significant, is capable of forming one significant sound,--as {alpha mu theta iota},
Interview were conducted with public officials and the managers of commercial and non- profit contractors in each area and public documents relating to social service contracting were scrutinized.