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or non-black  (nŏn-blăk′)
A person who is not black.

non·black′ adj.




(Peoples) a person who is not of a Black race
relating to people who are not of a Black race
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Prior to the 1980s, non-black Africans (especially those from North Africa) provided the bulk of the African immigrants to the United States.
Although Table 5 shows some increase in the number of non-black wives or lovers who kill the men with whom they are involved, the most impressive increases are those shown where the suspects are black wives or lovers who are accused of killing their husbands or lovers.
We selected samples that were representative of both the black and non-black adult (i.e., age 18 and older) household populations of Erie County, New York, using a stratified three-stage design.
"Race was defined as black or non-black race, given that previous data had shown similar and even increased survival rates for Hispanic and Asian American women compared to white patients diagnosed with cervical cancer," Dr.
Nearly all--90 percent--of Black respondents supported kneeling during the national anthem, while only 38 percent of non-Black respondents did the same.
Among respondents reported dead in the 1990 survey, the hand match of VS data failed to identify the death in 28 percent of cases for blacks, 30 percent for non-black Hispanics, and 19 percent for non-Hispanic whites.
Of course, with the state of ( race relations near an all-time low, it was no surprise that non-black Twitter users felt the exact opposite of Black Twitter, heaping praise on the pastor for what many described as inspirational words.
aAs you know, naval ships of non-Black Sea countries may stayA in the Black Sea up to 21 days under the Montreux Convention.
A privately-owned, state-of-the-art custom mixer of high-value specialty rubber compounds mixes all organic elastomers, with a special emphasis on high-performance, specialty polymers; customer or in-house recipes; black and non-black compounds; and continuous strips and slabs, cut slabs, diced pellets and preform sheets.
The Dupont Kalrez Spectrum 6380 is a non-black sealing product, that has been specifically developed for chemical processing applications Involving hot and aggressive amines.
There is a Black college experience; it transcends immigrant generation; it has an impact on the academic attainment; it is less favorable than the experiences of non-Black students; and it can be ameliorated by institutional policies.