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Adj.1.non-aromatic - not aromatic
inodorous, odorless, odourless - having no odor; "odorless gas"; "odorless flowers"
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Laccases are multi-copper oxidases that catalyze the oxidation of a wide range of aromatic and non-aromatic compounds.
Key statement: The invention relates to a tire provided with a tread, said tread comprising a rubber composition based on at least one diene elastomer, a zinc diacrylate derivative in the form of a zinc salt in which RI, R2 and R3 independently represent a hydrogen atom or a C1-C7 hydrocarbon group selected from linear, branched or cyclic alkyl groups, aralkyl groups, alkylaryl groups and aryl groups, which are optionally interrupted by one or more heteroatoms, R2 and R3 being able to form together a non-aromatic ring, and a peroxide.
91degC, 25degC and 20degC) on agronomic performance, badh2 gene expression, 2AP concentration and phenotypic aroma score of five aromatic and a non-aromatic (control) rice genotype.
GEs ProSolv WI8581 Wax Inhibitor is highly concentrated, winterized and a non-aromatic solvent based carrier fluid, said Amy Ericson, global leader, chemical and monitoring solutionsGE Water & Process Technologies.
A field experiment was undertaken at experimental farm of Nuclear Institute of Agriculture (NIA), Tandojam during 2013, to evaluate the B requirement of two non-aromatic rice varieties.
It's an introduction to the differences between aromatic and non-aromatic wines.
But what really makes Peruvian pisco special is the use of both aromatic and non-aromatic grapes.
Companies might also consider Durlon 8700, which assures exceptional resistance to ozone, oils and non-aromatic solvents utilized within industrial plants.
Chardonnay is usually considered a non-aromatic in comparison to riesling.
However, export of non-aromatic rice is still banned due to price fluctuations and low storage capacities.
13 ( ANI ): Scientists in the UK have identified aromatic rice from Bangladesh that has far lower arsenic concentrations than found in non-aromatic rice, and containing higher amounts of selenium and zinc.
So one way of looking at it could be that we may catch up with Indian competitors some-where down the road a couple of weeks from now," said a Karachi-based rice exporter adding that for most Pakistani exporters the ideal price for super Basmati, which is far superior to that of non-aromatic Indian version, works out to be around $1300-$1400 per tonne.

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