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Adj.1.non-automatic - operated by hand
manual - requiring human effort; "a manual transmission"
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Construction of telecommunication and information technology systems with telecommunications network: - intercom 4 participants; - disabled call system; - time service with master clock and 14 slave clocks; - voice alarm system security level ii, With 165 a / b speakers; - 2 display displays in fire protection housings; - fire alarm system category 3 with fire department key depot, 117 automatic detectors, 33 non-automatic manual detectors, Smoke aspiration system, Central network; - intruder alarm system vds class b, With transmission device for connection to security service, 43 ir detectors, 12 magnetic contacts for door monitoring, 12 acoustic signal transmitters; - structured passive it and telecommunications network, With 2 42u data cabinets, 183 data junction boxes cat.
She underlined that the move would ban "every semi-automatic weapon used in the terror attack on Friday,' including all high-capacity magazines, as well as add-on devices that could give non-automatic weapons the ability to fire rounds automatically.
There's a good chance that more than a third of the 100 most recent, non-automatic, non-promotional e-mails in your inbox sign off with either 'Best' or 'Regards,' or possibly wordier variations of the two.
According to a document issued on Wednesday by the office of district magistrate Islamabad, the NPB weapons include shot gun non-automatic or semi-automatic including pump action, revolver or pistol other than prohibited bore, and rifle other than prohibited bore.
Non-prohibited bore weapons are also categorised and include non-automatic or semi-automatic shot guns and revolvers or pistols.
He said that the government also directed the arms license holders to convert their automatic weapons into non-automatic weapons, and apply for new licenses or deposit their automatic weapons along with Rs 50,000 per automatic rifle and Rs 20,000 per automatic pistol/handgun with the government.
And yet every time I pass I see people utterly befuddled, standing at the non-automatic doors and wondering why the dickens they won't spring open.
Prairie Ridge co-op holds the top at-large mark, with the top four non-automatic qualifiers also advancing.
It directed such license holders to convert their license into non-automatic, non-prohibited weapons category.
PESHAWAR -- Deputy Commissioner has nominated eight registered arms and ammunition dealers in the district to modify and convert automatic weapons covered by valid arms licenses issued by federal government within prohibited category into semi/ non-automatic weapons by Jan 31.
these weapons by non-automatic weapons from certified arms
The safety is non-automatic, and is easy to move back and forth.

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