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Adj.1.non-elective - filled by appointment rather than by election; "a nonelective office"
appointed, appointive - subject to appointment
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The facility covers both elective and non-elective treatments such as dental care, cardiology, orthopedic treatment, maternity care, cosmetic care, to name a few.
Among operating categories, labor and benefits contributed approximately $2.00 to higher costs, mainly via a qualified, non-elective 401 (k) contribution, and supplies and maintenance added approximately $2.00 per ton.
"Looking at the effect of loneliness and social isolation on health outcomes it has a profound impact on life expectancy, on non-elective admissions and on both the on-set and the progression of long term conditions."
'There have been some strident calls for some time now, to fairly distribute elective and non-elective offices across all six geopolitical zones, and the case of the South-East zone has been the most harped about.
2014 Report to the Betsi Quality & Safety Committee: "Work continues on developing a sustainable, safe surgical non-elective service for the population of North Wales....
Earnings on those deferrals and most qualified non-elective contributions (QNECs) and qualified matching contributions (QMACs), were excluded.
class="MsoNormalELECTIVE POSITIONS class="MsoNormalSince the President recently justified imposition of austerity in government and taxes on the populace on an expensive Constitution that created myriad salaried elective and non-elective positions, many politicians want the constitution changed.
Sieber, M.D., from the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, and colleagues conducted a double-blind trial involving a sample of older patients (≥65 years) who were undergoing non-elective hip fracture repair with spinal anesthesia and propofol sedation.
The best option, due to the flexibility, is usually the non-elective safe harbor.
Rates of non-elective admissions are amongst the highest in the country and are growing.