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Noun1.non-flowering plant - a plant that does not bear flowers
plant life, flora, plant - (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
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Tuesday, November 6: Prestatyn and District Horticultural Society, talk, Troughs and Raised Beds, by Mr Peter Cunnington; competition, non-flowering plant, Trinity Methodist Church Hall, Gronant Road, 7.30pm.
Non-flowering plants, like grasses, cabbages, potatoes and other leafy plants, may make excessive growth but slugs and snails may be more prevalent.
For each plant species, mosquitoes were given access to 50 g of fresh cuttings (25 g leaves for non-flowering plants, or 25 g flowers and leaves for flowering plants) and a water-soaked cotton pad.
1 Consider grasses and plants without blooms Non-flowering plants really come into their own later in the year.
The rain and tropical forests of the Ghats are one of the world's 10 "biodiversity hotspots", home to the most diverse range of life in the subcontinent: 7,402 species of flowering plants, 1,814 species of non-flowering plants, 139 mammal species, 508 bird species, 179 amphibian species, 6,000 insects species and 290 freshwater fish species.
Trees, large shrubs, grasses, grasslike plants, and non-flowering plants such as ferns, horsetails, and club-mosses are excluded.
In Washington state, growers have a 15-day, no-questions-asked period during which they can bring non-flowering plants into their operation, which must then be bar-coded and registered.
There was a significant increase (p < 0.001 for length, p < 0.001 for width) in the size of basal leaves between flowering and non-flowering plants; however, there was no statistical increase in leaf size between plants that produced flowering stalks but did not flower and those that flowered (p = 0.18 for length, p = 0.16 for width).
It's possible that some dinosaurs might have eaten the fruit-like bodies produced by cycads and other non-flowering plants, like the one seen here:
petunia antirrhinum, calendula, dog flowers and many other flowering and non-flowering plants.
This recommendation will enable them to secure a photo ID registry card from the Division that entitles them to use, buy, possess, and transport a maximum of two hundred grams of usable cannabis (now a 4th degree misdemeanor), cultivate up to twelve flowering cannabis plants and twelve non-flowering plants to alleviate their suffering.
Many species across a wide range of groups are now threatened with extinction, including 12% of birds, 23% of mammals, 32% of amphibians, 31% of non-flowering plants, and 33% of corals.