non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

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non-in·su·lin-de·pen·dent diabetes

or non-in·su·lin-de·pen·dent diabetes mellitus  (nŏn-ĭn′sə-lĭn-dĭ-pĕn′dənt)
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Noun1.non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus - mild form of diabetes mellitus that develops gradually in adultsnon-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus - mild form of diabetes mellitus that develops gradually in adults; can be precipitated by obesity or severe stress or menopause or other factors; can usually be controlled by diet and hypoglycemic agents without injections of insulin
diabetes mellitus, DM - diabetes caused by a relative or absolute deficiency of insulin and characterized by polyuria; "when doctors say `diabetes' they usually mean `diabetes mellitus'"
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Moderately intense physical activities and high levels of cardiorespiratory fitness reduce the risk of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in middle-aged men.
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Assessment of the effects of therapy aimed at lowering PPG in the Study to Prevent Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (STOP-NIDDM) trial (19) indicated that treatment with acarbose (100 mg administered 3 times per day) was associated with decreased risk for silent MI vs placebo in patients with impaired glucose tolerance.
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His cost-benefit analysis, based on data from the Study to Prevent Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (STOP-NIDDM), concluded that it cost 772 euros in medication costs and physician office visits under the German fee scale to prevent a single case of diabetes over a 3.
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Type II diabetes mellitus is also known as adult-onset diabetes or non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.
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3% among the controls in another study on Japanese patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus [beta]5).

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