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Noun1.non-ionic detergent - a class of synthetic detergents in which the molecules do not ionize in aqueous solutionsnon-ionic detergent - a class of synthetic detergents in which the molecules do not ionize in aqueous solutions
detergent - a surface-active chemical widely used in industry and laundering
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Advice from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London: Clean with a non-ionic detergent diluted in distilled water to 2 percent concentration or less.
The treatment with non-ionic detergent (0.5% Triton X-100) for 12 h under constant agitation showed 30% to 40% loss of cellularity with high cellular content, thick and compact cellular fiber arrangement with least porosity (F ig 2a).
The presence of metal ions or a non-ionic detergent in the crystallization buffer could not activate LipSBS.
The method principle is a homogenous enzymatic cholesterol assay (cholesterol esterase, cholesterol oxidase/peroxidase coupling reaction) modified by the addition of a non-ionic detergent, a sugar compound and magnesium which enables the selective determination of LDL (6).
She was advised that injecting polidocanol (a non-ionic detergent used as a sclerosing agent) into the neovessels was an accepted method of treating the pain of recalcitrant Achilles tendinosis.
The liquid detergent is a combination of three active agents--anionic detergent, a non-ionic detergent and a cationic surfactant--dissolved in water to create an alkaline solution which makes the capsule more dangerous than first thought.
The liquid detergent is a mixture of three active agents - an anionic detergent, a non-ionic detergent, and a cationic surfactant - dissolved in water to give an alkaline solution, making the capsule more dangerous than thought.
Using Triton X-100 non-ionic detergent at CMC was also promising, although the recovered specific activity was lower for the detergent when compared to the organic solvent procedure.

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