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Noun1.non-market economy - an economy that is not a market economy
economic system, economy - the system of production and distribution and consumption
managed economy - a non-market economy in which government intervention is important in allocating goods and resources and determining prices
free enterprise, laissez-faire economy, market economy, private enterprise - an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices
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China is certainly a non-market economy in the sense that economic decisions are often made by the government rather than the market.
The panel questioned the feasibility and applicability of the non-market economy provision.
What may be limited is the formation of a new FTA with a non-market economy," Lopez said.
In Sekera (2016) I outline the elements of a new theory of the public non-market economy. In summary, these include:
A complaint filed with the World Trade Organization (WTO) over the designation of China as a "non-market economy" when that country was allowed to become a WTO member back in 2001 appears to be coming to a boil and could have massive implications for global trade of nonwovens --especially converted products.
When China became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, it accepted a non-market economy status until the end of 2016, making it easier for WTO members to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese exports.
importers in non-market economy antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings.
and Trade (GATT) implicitly defines a "non-market economy" for
It argued that the court's decision "does not put into question the Commission's consistent practices in relation to the assessment of market economy treatment claims presented by companies that operate in non-market economy countries".
Vietnam, a non-market economy, exported $7.2 billion in textiles and apparel to the United States in 2011, making it America's second largest supplier of those products.