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1 Service& Support Software Service & Support: CCHHS supplies the non-proprietary software, which is used in conjunction with the Capacity Management System.
Ignyta, a precision oncology biotechnology company, has received approval from the World Health Organisation for using international non-proprietary name, 'entrectinib' for the company's lead product candidate, RXDX-101, it was reported yesterday.
The OnGuard ET Third Edition product suite from Lenel Systems International of Pittsford, New York, expands the offerings of the system to include IP camera-based digital video management, a non-proprietary format for smart-card applications, more secure communication encryption, and broader support for third-party devices and systems.
Designed to improve CPU utilization, scalability and latency, InfiniSwitch fully integrated solutions are non-proprietary and fully independent of vendor platforms, silicon and OS.
Better, it can run on inexpensive, non-proprietary, commodity hardware (read "Intel" and "AMD" desktop computers).
The consortium's 3 year action plan includes: cataloguing gaps in current standards; evaluating current and developing standards for particular interfaces to determine which ones deserve support; identifying and assisting in harmonization of competing or overlapping standards; developing specifications for interfaces where no satisfactory non-proprietary standard exists; and assembling consensus user requirements to provide as input to standards developing organizations.

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