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Adj.1.non-water-soluble - not soluble in water
indissoluble, insoluble - (of a substance) incapable of being dissolved
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Among other things, details of the fine-grained fraction, coarse-grained fraction, limiting of the adhering moisture, mass fraction of the dried de-icing salt and proportions of non-water-soluble constituents are required, in accordance with the specifications of the tender documents.
8) The yarn is submersed into large vats of non-water-soluble chemical dyes.
The activated carbon particles are encapsulated with a non-water-soluble, brittle amorphous polymer such as polystyrene.
These results show the impact that non-water-soluble compounds can have on odor and flavor perception.
As she tells the story now, I was a lost and desperate young man, looking for some sort of non-water-soluble security.